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Hi, let us share few things about our attempt to revisit the idea of preschool :)

Parents often ask us, “at preschool, would my child be learning enough for his age ?” Yes, as parent it is a basic expectation from a preschool. We think [pre]school can do little more than just “enough for the age” :)

We believe there is a unique way of customised learning, mainly practiced by homeschooling parents, that is capable of focusing on teaching to the strengths and the weaknesses of the individual child. We have noticed most of these practices are unknown to Indian parents, as it is more prominently practiced in more educationally evolved countries.

We have integrated such home schooling techniques with mainstream education. Here we do not design curriculum, instead we design days.

For kids between age of 1.5 to 6 along with “time in the school”, we have as well designed “time at home” filled with playful activities and sound observations, that could silently help build up characters. This also includes strong involvement from parents, so that together we can help the kid.

We have used this method of learning in India and Singapore, and we were able to find good results. Now we invite you to experience the same with us.

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Admissions Open

Class Min Age Max Age Starts from
Mother toddler 1.5 yrs 3 yrs April 2023
Foundation basic 2 yrs 4 yrs July 2023
Foundation advance 3 yrs 4.5 yrs July 2023
Kinder garden basic 4 yrs 5.5 yrs July 2023
Kinder garden advance 5 yrs 6.5 yrs July 2023

Note: Duration of each batch of mother toddler is 3 months. Intakes in April 2023, July 2023, Oct 2023 & Jan 2024

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We all want our kids to be book friendly and develop their interest in reading. Though It’s a task to find such library for kids where they feel they belong. We have a library open for all, with a vast collection of books for age 1-13 years. They can sit on a couch, hide in a tent, sleep on the floor, just find their cozy corner and …Read. Parents can join their kids to read with them or just work on their laptops while relishing the feeling of watching their kids enjoying a really good read.


Play Area


While playing is considered as a recreational time for kids, It can be a useful development tool if presented accordingly. Join us in an immersive play experience where every toy is carefully curated to satisfy the curiosity of these little minds and expose them to meaningful play. We have a collection of educational pretend play toys, puzzles, brain teasers, boardgames and much more for age 0-15. See you all there for a great time together.



I am a homeschooling mother of a 5 year old. Worked as a Paediatric therapist and creative curriculum designer in Mumbai and Singapore.

My startup in Singapore is based on a concept, where kids learn through open ended toys. Toys that are filtered in 72 different growing capabilities, where we use toys as therapy.

Observing kids and their growth pattern very closely since my education years, I was NOT very clear on what I wanted to provide for my child, BUT was very sure what I wanted to avoid.

Thus seeded the idea of homeschooling. Where I can provide a customised learning for my child as per her strengths and shortcomings.

Using alternate curriculum and creative learning in parallel to main stream syllabus, I just banked on the concept of building an overall foundation in the growing years. I think the results are fascinating :) I earned my confidence when my kid at 5 had main stream syllabus understanding of age 9 and different levels of expertise in 5 languages, along with extra curricular involvement and free play.

Customised learning does make wonders!!

Along the way, I also came across a lot of parents, who were equally marvelled by the idea of this less practiced style of learning, but did not have the luxury to take the leap due to - personal, professional, social and economical commitments. That got me thinking.. What if we could create a midway where the same learning can be provided, but in a mainstream frame similar to a preschool. After-all, the main objective is to make a difference in a child growth.. right?



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